What is the reason this trick to calculate age work?

Age calculator is an online tool which you can determine your age based on your date of birth as well as the current date. This tool can help you find the time difference from two different dates. The results are shown in months, years weeks, days and years. The results are not affected by the location of the user’s time zone because the tool simply tells you the time difference. The age calculator is built on the general age system, so it is suitable for all.

How do we determine our age?The process of calculating age is to compare the date of birth with the date the age must be determined. Date of birth subtracts from date and gives an age for the person. Age = Given date + Date of birth.

here Is trick for age calculator:

The trick works like this: Take the current date in the format yyyymmdd and subtract it with your date of birth taken in the same format. Drop the last four digits to get your age.

For example, I was born in August 20th, 1994. Today it is July 13th, 2015.20150713−19940820=209893 Dropping the last four digits,My age=2020150713−19940820=209893

Dropping the last four digits,My age=20

I can understand subtracting two years, but how does crafting these numbers with month and day make it more accurate?

Subtracting the month and day lets you take into account whether you’ve had your birthday this year. If you have had your birthday, then you can just skip the month and day, they don’t affect the two years at all (do the subtraction by hand to see this more clearly). If you haven’t had your birthday yet, then the process of borrowing will subtract a year for you.

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