Makes use of, Dosage, and Facet Results

Diabetes and insulin

Levemir and Lantus are each long-acting injectable insulins that can be utilized for long-term administration of diabetes.

Insulin is a hormone that’s naturally produced within the physique by the pancreas. It helps convert the glucose (sugar) in your bloodstream into vitality. This vitality is then distributed to cells all through your physique.

With diabetes, your pancreas produces little or no insulin or your physique is unable to make use of the insulin appropriately. With out insulin, your physique can’t use the sugars in your blood and might turn out to be starved for vitality. The surplus sugar in your blood may also harm completely different components of your physique, together with your blood vessels and kidneys. Everybody with kind 1 diabetes and many individuals with kind 2 diabetes should use insulin to take care of wholesome blood sugar ranges.

Levemir is an answer of insulin detemir, and Lantus is an answer of insulin glargine. Insulin glargine can be obtainable because the model Toujeo.

Each insulin detemir and insulin glargine are basal insulin formulation. That implies that they work slowly to decrease your blood sugar ranges. They’re each absorbed into your physique over a 24-hour interval. They preserve blood sugar ranges lowered for longer than short-acting insulins do.

Though the formulations are barely completely different, Levemir and Lantus are very related medicine. There are just a few variations between them.

Kids and adults can use each Levemir and Lantus. Particularly, Levemir can be utilized by people who find themselves 2 years or older. Lantus can be utilized by people who find themselves 6 years or older.

Levemir or Lantus may help with each day administration of diabetes. Nevertheless, you should still want to make use of short-acting insulin to deal with spikes in your blood sugar ranges and diabetic ketoacidosis (a harmful buildup of acids in your blood).

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Each Levemir and Lantus are given via injection in the identical means. You can provide the injections to your self or have somebody you recognize give them to you. The injection ought to go underneath your pores and skin. By no means inject these medicine in a vein or muscle. It’s necessary to rotate the injection websites round your stomach, higher legs, and higher arms. Doing so helps you keep away from lipodystrophy (a buildup of fatty tissue) on the injection websites.

You shouldn’t use both drug with an insulin pump. Doing so can lead to extreme hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). This could be a life-threatening complication.

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Energy and kinds

Your preliminary dose of both drug will depend on the specifics of your diabetes. The answer for injection for Levemir and Lantus is 100 models/mL. Each can be found in 10-mL vials. They’re additionally obtainable in 3-mL injection gadgets. The answer is evident and colorless.

The injection gadgets are extra handy as a result of the answer is already within the gadget that injects it. The gadget additionally has clear numeric marks that assist make incorrect dosing much less seemingly.


Levemir: You possibly can take Levemir a few times per day relying on how rapidly your physique clears the drug. You need to monitor your blood sugar ranges intently whenever you first begin taking it. Report these numbers to your physician to allow them to make changes to your dosage if crucial. In the event you take Levemir as soon as per day, it is best to take it with dinner or whenever you’re prepared for mattress. In the event you take Levemir twice per day, separate the doses by 12 hours.

Lantus: You often take Lantus as soon as per day. Your physician will time your Lantus dose and select the variety of models you employ in line with your blood sugar stage management goal.


The speed at which Levemir absorbs into your physique will depend on your dose. It additionally will depend on whether or not you are taking your each day dose unexpectedly or at two completely different instances. Levemir typically reaches a peak focus in your blood six to eight hours after you are taking it. The focus of Levemir in your blood can stay near peak ranges for as much as 24 hours.

Alternatively, Lantus has no clear peak. It absorbs into your physique extra slowly and steadily than Levemir. It maintains a reasonably fixed focus for about 24 hours.

That mentioned, absorption of both product could differ. It’s necessary for you test your blood sugar stage repeatedly.

Each Levemir and Lantus look like equally efficient within the each day administration of blood sugar ranges in individuals with diabetes. A 2011 research overview discovered no vital distinction within the security or effectiveness of Levemir versus Lantus for kind 2 diabetes.

There are some variations in unwanted side effects between the 2 medicine. One research discovered that Levemir resulted in much less weight achieve. Lantus tended to have fewer pores and skin reactions on the injection website and required a decrease each day dose.

Different unwanted side effects of each medicine can embrace:

  • low blood sugar stage
  • low blood potassium stage
  • elevated coronary heart price
  • tiredness
  • headache
  • confusion
  • starvation
  • nausea
  • muscle weak point
  • blurry imaginative and prescient

Any treatment, together with Levemir and Lantus, may also trigger an allergic response. In uncommon circumstances, anaphylaxis can develop. Inform your physician in case you develop swelling, hives, or pores and skin rash.

There are variations between Levemir and Lantus, together with:

  • the formulations
  • the time after you are taking it till peak focus in your physique
  • some unwanted side effects

In any other case, each medicine are very related. In the event you’re contemplating one in all these medicine, talk about the professionals and cons of every for you along with your physician. Regardless of which type of insulin you are taking, overview all package deal inserts fastidiously and be sure you ask your physician any questions you may have.

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